20 Terrific Living Rooms

We all love to relax in our living rooms at the end of the working day, and its the primary place that we entertain our family and friends too, so its no wonder that we strive for a room filled with comfort and style. To help with that quest, we have put together 20 terrific living rooms with gorgeous décor and furniture ideas.

1 |Visualizer: Anna MarinenkoThis living room stands out from the crowd with an eye-catching rug in shades of fresh greenthat are carried through into the accent cushions of the armchairs. The red coffee table is a statement contrast of color, and ties in the warmer shades from the kitchen beyond. 

2 |Visualizer: ElyasA sophisticated setup like this has a strong masculine feel. The entertainment storage units are sleek and streamlined with floating wall mounted units for an uncluttered look. 

3 |Visualizer: ElyasBy mixing furniture colors, the décor scheme is prevented from looking stale and overly matched. A few bright scatter cushions thrown in shakes the look up further still. 

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4 |Visualizer: xoioA neutral color scheme can become a little boring, but by throwing in a few black and white geometric prints this room is given more edge and personality. A couple of green accents bring in a little hint of the garden scene from outside the patio doors. 

5 |Visualizer: xoioA bright statement rug decorates the space between these living areas, and ties in the menagerie of hues from the bookshelves. 

6 |Visualizer: designmasRecessed lighting wells keep the look of this minimalist layout sleek and uncomplicated. 

7 |Visualizer: rc1-studioPersian rugs add a little age and depth to a modern scheme. 

8 |The floating staircase suspended in this lounge appears like a piece of sculptural art. 

9 |Visualizer: triple-dIn an open plan home, it’s a good idea to define the lounge area with a large rug. 

10 |Visualizer: LAST ArhitecturaOne for classic art lovers. 

11 |Visualizer: KopchenujA pared back scheme can be soothing. 

12 |Visualizer: KopchenujCut logs replace the fireplace in this contemporary living room design. 

13 |Visualizer: KopchenujAqua freshens a gray and white palette. 

14 |Visualizer: KatrinThese furniture hues add warmth to the white surroundings. 

15 |Via: EvermotionA masculine one. 

16 |Visualizer: ElftugThe dropped level gives this lounge a cozy feel. 

17 |Visualizer: Nelso LiawA glazed panel extends this living rooms wall space. 

18 |Visualizer: ElftugUse the back of the sofa to define the lounge area in a large open plan home. 

19 |Visualizer: AnnaThis clever sofa design incorporates end tables. 

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