Crisp Comfortable Apartment Designs

In this article we are looking at the world of apartment design, with imagery by Artem Trigubchak and KOLART Studio. These four different home designs hold a selection of room schemes that are uncluttered and uncomplicated, offering crisp modern décor to promote serenity and comfort.

1 |We start with an open plan layout, were the living room has been partially separated from the kitchen diner with the implementation of a simplistic breakfast bar, which runs perpendicular to a built-in bookcase. 

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2 |

3 |

4 |The bar stools face into the lounge to allow casual diners to watch a little TV whilst enjoying a quick snack. 

5 |A large pendant shade marks out the more formal dining area, offering a more atmospheric lighting scheme for evening meals. 

6 |The framework of the coffee table legs tie in with the chairs. 

7 |In this scheme, unusual wall art and pendant lights set a slightly space-age theme. The room is decorated in shades of gray that are brightened by a good dose of fresh white accents. 

8 |This home office area has been built around an awkward nib to make great use of an otherwise unused corner. Notice how the paint color marks out the work area by running straight up to the outer edge of the desk. 

9 |Soft mood lighting gives this bathroom a luxurious look. 

10 |

11 |A wall-mounted bookcase runs the entire length of one wall in this living room, perfect for the avid reader. By keeping the shelves only at low level, the library does not overwhelm the space, and the top of the case creates a display place for ornaments and artefacts. 

12 |

13 |

14 |

15 |

16 |

17 |A cluster of lights brings all the hues of this kitchen together. 

18 |

19 |

20 |This home workspace has been created by adding a freestanding bookcase as a dividing wall. The shelves are open sided to allow natural light from the window to flow from the office area into the apartment. 

21 |This soft color scheme takes on sunny accents in the form of cheerful yellow cushions. 

22 |

23 |

24 |

25 |

26 |

27 |For a bigger sunburst, you could go the whole hog and have an entirely yellow sofa, and a matching chair. 

28 |

29 |This small kitchen diner still holds big ideas: a trio of large pendant shades hang over the dining table to clearly define the eating area from the food prep zone. 

30 |

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