Modern Feature-Rich House In Moscow

This gorgeous example of interior design is a two story house in the village of Lake Malahovskoe, Moscow, put together by talent at Int2Architecture. The 200 square meter home explores different styles throughout each of its rooms, and each room is rich with its own visually stimulating features. Exploring this home we find inspiration for a bathroom complete with a sauna; a utility-cum-sewing room; an open plan living area comprising of a kitchen diner and lounge; unique master and guest bedroom schemes; a stylish study; a vibrant hallway design; a dual-level kids bedroom and a cool basement den.

1 |In the kitchen, a tall bank of bright turquoise units have been added to a white and gray cabinet combination, with striking results. In the foreground, we see that the lounge sofa also explores an interesting color contrast within its modules. 

2 |The entire first floor open plan scheme gathers warmth from wood clad walls, and its sharpened by shiny chrome accents. 

3 |Modern patterned runners add a funky element, making the minimalist space appear fresh and fun. 

4 |The space at the end of the stairs has been given function by furnishing it as an individual reading spot. 

5 |

6 |This study has a striking wall mural of the world, where personal pictures from trips abroad can be displayed next to the destinations at which they were taken. A small lounge area has been introduced into the space to provide an opportunity to take a break from the computers, without leaving the quiet sanctuary of the work room. 

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7 |

8 |The basement room has a cool, grungy and slightly kitsch style–complete with a bar–that rings perfect for a man-den. 

9 |

10 |

11 |The wood-beamed ceilings work great with the red brick walls and industrial furnitureelements. 

12 |

13 |A organized storage section is hidden away. 

14 |Scandinavian design is present on the second floor, like this unique bathroom scheme. 

15 |

16 |

17 |

18 |

19 |

20 |

21 |A blissfully serene bedroom scheme with light clusters and extended headboard. 

22 |

23 |The ceiling height on the top floor of the home slides from 3.5 meters to 4.5 meters, which meant that a complete division of vertical space would either create some uncomfortably low ceilings or some wastefully towering rooms, so a clever mezzanine level was created in the kids room to eat up the excess. 

24 |The rooms internal staircase harbors handy storage. 

25 |

26 |Each aspect of the mezzanine receives its own adorable styling. 

27 |

28 |

29 |Adult bunk-beds utilize every bit of space in the guest room. 

30 |

31 |This bathroom uses pattern for wow factor. 

32 |

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