Beautifully Modern Youthful Home For Small Family

This very youthfully cool interior, sent to us from Natasha Janson and Dmitry Kirsanov at Russian based interior design studio I AM HOME, is a 160 square meter abode with some great attention to detail.

1 |A low level modular sofa gives the living room a laid-back feel, and statement items such as the light-cloud Nemo Nuvola over the library section, the anglepoise standing lamp at the sofa, and the casually floor situated large photography piece, all come together to give this home a young image. 

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5 |Over in the kitchen diner, aqua blue dining chairs demand attention beneath a strikingfuturistic light, by Portuguese brand Delightfull, which is reminiscent of our solar system orbiting around the sun. 

6 |Kitchen units are kept low level apart from a run of full height units on one wall. In absence of wall units, CoreDeco feature tiles with a diagonal stripe design have been mounted in varying directions for an awesome effect. 

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9 |In the master bedroom, a mural has been painted directly onto the exposed brickwork. An upholstered platform bed and a bright patterned rug bring a look of plush comfort despite the raw surrounds. 

10 |

11 |Glass doors look through to the lounge from the bedroom for a social feel, but curtains can be drawn for privacy at night and when dressing. 

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14 |Imitation concrete brings an industrial feel to this teenage boy’s bedroom, along with industrial style lighting. A long desk offers space to keep everything close at hand whilst studying, and is lit by a lamp from PaoloRizzato. 

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21 |This teenage girls bedroom features a long mezzanine level that can be used as a dressing room or a hobby area. A blackboard wall acts as a display place for changing personal art. 

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25 |Almost all of the storage for the home is situated in its hallway, keeping belongings concealed behind large cupboard doors so that the rest of the home remains free and easy. 

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