Luxury Yacht Interior Design

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wander around inside a plush luxury yacht? Well, this is your lucky day. We've got a gallery of luxurious yacht interiors that will leave you wondering why the owners of these vessels would ever set foot on dry land. We start off with an in depth look at a two and a half deck single model 130 Sport Yacht...

1 |The main saloon of this yacht has been meticulously designed to be a stunning entertaining space. 

2 |

3 |The yacht is a great place for guests, offering vast relaxation areas and even a bar. 

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4 |Amazingly, the dining area onboard can seat up to ten guests with ease. 

5 |Under-bed lighting illuminates the floor area of the generous bedroom suites. 

6 |

7 |A large shower and twin basin vanity furnishes the sophisticated bathroom. 

8 |There’s even room for a gym to keep the owners in shape whilst out at sea. 

9 |The sleek kitchen offers up high-end appliances and a layout large enough for more than just one chef to work their magic. 

10 |

11 |A comfortable breakfasting area has built-in banquette seating. 

12 |It’s even possible for buyers of this yacht to work with the designers in order to create a more personalized interior decor scheme, like the serene powder blue vision above. 

13 |

14 |

15 |Moving on to some other tempting homes on the waves, this one with an open plan lounge diner. 

16 |Look at the feature headboard in this example; extruded blocks gain added depth and drama from border lighting. 

17 |

18 |Another huge dining suite provides opportunity for at sea social events. 

19 |

20 |Dramatic dark décor surrounds this leather bedstead. 

21 |A granite floor, countertop and shower wall gives this bathing space a sense of style and expense. 

22 |

23 |This bright and breezy bedroom décor offers up a different feel altogether in this serene yacht interior. 

24 |

25 |The en suite bathroom is another light and welcoming space. 

26 |

27 |

28 |

29 |

30 |

31 |

32 |

33 |

34 |

35 |

36 |

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