Sparkling White Apartment with Hideaway

This crisp home décor, from interior design studio Polinova Paul, harbors not one, but two secretive workspaces that would keep you hidden away from the hubbub of the household when duty calls. On top of the duty dens, this home holds some beautiful bedrooms, a fresh open plan living area, two practical small bathroom layouts and a dramatic hallway design. Let's explore!

1 |We start off in the serene living space, where the lounge area floats in the center of the open space like an island–clinging to an area rug, nestled under the bough of an arc lamp. 

2 |A home wine bar has been created over in the window area with a simple bench, bar stools and a generous wine rack peeping through frosted glass doors. 

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3 |The fireplace has been moved up and over to make way for a flatscreen TV, and the two hang happily side-by-side. 

4 |The dining area butts up against the back of the sofa to provide extra floor space in thekitchen. 

5 |

6 |

7 |

8 |This kids room benefits from oodles of storage space, keeping all of the clutter at bay. 

9 |

10 |

11 |Vertical track lighting glamorously frames the master bed. 

12 |

13 |

14 |

15 |

16 |The master bedroom’s walk-in closet leads through to a very private study. Although the home office is hidden away out of plain sight, the décor detail is fabulous. Geometric print wallpaper gives a blast of style and interest to the small room, whilst an oversized art print in sunshine yellow lifts the whole look. 

17 |A large window floods the side office in natural light, illuminating a built in bookcase. 

18 |Small but perfectly formed, this tiny shower room is kitted out with a mini basin and wall mounted toilet. 

19 |

20 |

21 |

22 |This colorful kids room is filled with warm and cozy lighting, casting a fuzzy glow against wood paneling. 

23 |

24 |

25 |

26 |

27 |

28 |

29 |

30 |

31 |

32 |The second home workspace nestles in a tight spot, but what it lacks in dimensions it makes up for in cheerful color and striking form. 

33 |Bespoke shelving ensures that every nook is utilized. 

34 |Lighting strips decorate the hallway. 

35 |

36 |

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