20 Dining Rooms [Visualized]

A well designed dining room or dining area can set a certain tone in your home when inviting guests for dinner, and even when simply enjoying a meal with the family. A formal eating area almost feels like a luxurious touch in this age of ready meals in front of the TV, so here are 20 dining room schemes to help you strike the right note.

1 |Visualizer: Sleiman SbeihOur first eating area stretches out behind a sofa, with plenty of room to comfortably seat eight people; the dining table is oval in shape, so it would even allow for a couple more diners to squeeze in on bigger occasions. 

2 |Visualizer: Sleiman SbeihContemporary chairs do all of the talking in this understated, wood-clad scheme. An open-sided room divider provides a place to add a little interest in the form of collectables and books. 

3 |Visualizer: Fedor GoreglyadThis home layout ties the dining area to the lounge by carrying the color of the sofa into the over-table pendant lights. 

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4 |Visualizer: Giang HoangA dining table in the kitchen could double as prep area too. 

5 |Via: EvermotionIn an uncluttered scheme, go for unusual silhouettes to perk up the look. 

6 |Via: fldo3dHigh stools convert a countertop into an eating area. 

7 |Visualizer: 3d-vizualGo for padded chairs if you like to linger long after dinner. 

8 |Visualizer: GauravExtruded feature walls provide a dramatic backdrop. 

9 |Visualizer: Pivot StudioAn injection of greenery adds life. 

10 |Visualizer: Donald ArchivizA simple dining bench on one side declutters the look of a dining suite. 

11 |Contrast your suite to any nearby cabinetry for a fresher look. 

12 |Visualizer: Olga FurmanovaDon’t be afraid to mix and match chairs. 

13 |Visualizer: EkeInteriorChoose large lighting to anchor your dining area in an open plan. 

14 |Visualizer: Juan HaroYou could also use wall art as an anchor for your open plan eating area. 

15 |Visualizer: EkeInteriorThis light ties in the black notes of an adjacent piano. 

16 |Visualizer: EkeInteriorWood tones don’t have to match either. 

17 |Visualizer: EkeInteriorA touch of the traditional is always at home in a dining room. 

18 |Visualizer: Vic NguyenAdd a few rustic accessories to traditional and you get a lovely country vibe. 

19 |Visualizer: Lucas StudioWhen housing an extra long table, distribute lighting evenly. 

20 |Visualizer: Tam DuongA dining bench is great to leave a view unobstructed.

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