Modern Luxury Villas Designed

We came across the work of Israel based Gal Marom Architects and thought they were definitely worthy of a feature. Clean modern lines, floor to ceiling glass windows, plenty of ventilation, expansive pools, and beautiful landscape seem to be the characteristics common to most of their designs.

1 |This 600 square meter beauty was completed by the firm in 2012. 

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16 |This is another villa designed by them which is about 510 square meter in size. 

17 |…design took into consideration the impact of the natural factors on the edifice, including wind directions, sun and natural light allowing the users to enjoy the sea breeze and natural ventilation. The interior and exterior spaces were designed as “a whole”. Minimal structure, transparent walls and long vistas to the yard and pool helped blur the borders between the inside and the outside. A multi-functional wall stretching from one side of the house to the other is seen as though it is floating. The wall is covered with aluminum profiles in various sections. These sections have an esthetic side creating breathtaking views as one is gazing to the entrance of the house. On top of that, the profiles are insulated and have a role in decreasing energy lost in the house. The materials used were basic and natural – teak wood, aluminum, glass and grey basalt floor finish.

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33 |This is yet another one at 600 square meter. 

34 |The villa is located in the new Golf quarter in Ceasaria, and the site’s back yard is facing the golf courts. It was designed as a sealed sculptural mass towards the street covered in a bronze plate. The gates leads to an enclosed patio, enclosed with two 4m high bronze doors. The patio creates a buffer zone between the house and the street. Once entering the house an uninterrupted vista of the infinity pool, the yard and the golf courts is exposed. Similar to the street face, the majority of the house is covered with bronze panels. Bronze was also used for the window frame to create a comprehensive look for the house. The interior design of the house is characterized in grey-white palette with different materials and textures.

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