25 Newest Bedrooms That We Are In Love With

Oh designers, what would we do without you? Before we stopped drooling over these 20 gorgeous bedrooms, you have churned out another set that sent us back to dreamland. It is a privilege watching over your work and seeing such creativity on a daily basis. Our kudos to the architectural visualization community!

1 |Visualizer: AX2 StudioNot a lot of space to play with but this room uses rich textures and soft feels to create that premium look. 

2 |Visualizer: AX2 Studio

3 |Visualizer: Lucas StudioNot sure how many homes would be able to pull this off but boy does it look cool to have a tree near your bed! 

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4 |Visualizer: Lucas Studio

5 |Visualizer: Yazan SamsamIt is not easy to pull off black in the bedroom but this would be one way to do it. 

6 |Visualizer: Saimir Braho & Erlind LlanajThe raw look of this loft is tempting. We can imagine an artist living here. 

7 |Visualizer: 24 Studio

8 |Visualizer: 24 Studio

9 |Visualizer: AX 2 Studio

10 |Visualizer: 24 Studio

11 |Visualizer: Diego Querol

12 |Visualizer: Duc JimmiLavish natural lighting makes up for the lack of colors in this room. 

13 |Visualizer: Shahrukh ShaikhTake a wild guess as to what this guy must be doing for a living. 

14 |Visualizer: Eke InteriorEke has been a regular these days in our features. One reason we like them so much is that they deal with realistic sized interiors. 

15 |Visualizer: Eke Interior

16 |Visualizer: Eke Interior

17 |Visualizer: Jishin Raj

18 |Visualizer: MTaher

19 |Visualizer: AIV Studio

20 |Visualizer: Hasan Mourad

21 |Visualizer: Basem Mohsen

22 |Visualizer: Behzad Javidani

23 |Visualizer: Miysis

24 |Visualizer: Ngọc BáuLoving the wall art. 

25 |Visualizer: mymind

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