Studio Apartment Interiors Inspiration

Not everyone's first choice, studio apartments are known to be make-do arrangements for singles, bachelors and people short of money. As a follow up to our post featuring 50 Studio Apartment 3D floor plans, we thought we would post some inspirational images of studios we came across recently.

1 |Visualizer: Atomic3DGorgeous use of marble here. The partitioning wall, backsplashes and even the bathroomsport it. 

2 |

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20 |Visualizer: AIV Studio

21 |Visualizer: Diego QuerolThe fireplace partition and the cute little dining draw our attention here. 

22 |

23 |Visualizer: Envision NineWe are really digging the dining pendant lights here but not the coffee table. Wheels might be a good idea if you plan to move it frequently but we really don’t see the point of that. It takes a severe hit on aesthetics. 

24 |

25 |Visualizer: ArchivizerColorful artworks really pop agains the dark backdrop here. Do check out the Ctrl Alt Del throw pillows! 

26 |

27 |Visualizer: Ando Studio

28 |

29 |

30 |

31 |

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