Loft Design Inspiration

The idea of lofts has been around forever it seems but that is with good reason. Lofts are special in feel and diversified in ways you can use them. In this post we feature 4 lofts each solving the design puzzle in its own unique way. Take a look.

1 |Visualizer: Peter AngThis loft features a desk/work area with leisure in mind by means of the hammock. Inviting, isn’t it? The high ceiling allows room to incorporate this loft leaving the main floor with extra space for living. 

2 |From this view we see the open stairs. Storage has been added to steps two, three and four. Though the look of the stairs would change a bit, more of the same storage could be incorporated all the way up. This stairs would not be ideal for senior citizens. Also we are pretty sure this would break a few building regulations. 

3 |

4 |This cozy sitting area under the loft is great for one or two people, yet affords extra company sitting with the floor ottomans and the upholstered bench. Again, storage is provided discreetly under the bench. The floor ottomans serve as seating for eating at that platform-like table that divides the living area from the kitchen. 

5 |The bedroom, though part of the small apartment is quite spacious. The windows visually elevate and open up this space quite well. If you remember, this actually made it our list of 25 Bedrooms We Are In Love With . 

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6 |

7 |

8 |Notice the “wine cellar” on the left wall. The barrel and stool can be used for sitting while eating as well as sitting while preparing a meal. Large art on the wall works nicely in small spaces. It makes the wall appear bigger. 

9 |

10 |Visualizer: Denis OsmanbegovicHere is another loft that is perfect for the person who loves the industrial look. The bare cement looking walls strike you as a no nonsense feeling while the open beams on the ceiling enhance that emotion. 

11 |Visualizer: MiysisBlack, white and wood make for a great look here. 

12 |

13 |The bird’s eye view of the living area shows a little splash of color on the throw pillows, just enough to get your attention but not so much as to spoil the simplicity of the rooms décor. 

14 |This little sleeping nook looks quite cozy. 

15 |

16 |Visualizer: OfDesignBlack. This is always a dramatic hue to use in any décor and here we see how it defines the kitchen area. The ebony wood grain compliments the lighter wood in the apartment beyond the kitchen area. The black sofa stands out boldly against the white walls, a crisp and attractive look. 

17 |

18 |

19 |

20 |

21 |Ah! The beauty of this view! 

22 |

23 |

24 |

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