Stunning Belgian Family Home with Floor-to-Ceiling

This family home, located near the Royal Observatory of Belgium in the Uccle region of Brussels, is a testament to simple, modern design that still allows for comfortable living. With six bedrooms, five baths, and a detached studio, it would be ideal for a small family. Indeed, the current decor is perfectly suited to this situation, with children's room decorated in bright pinks and a cozy, sunny living room.

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2 |The main living area is dominated by enviable floor-to-ceiling windows that let in plenty of sunshine during the day. Curtains on the ground floor keep out harsh light during summer or prying eyes at tight time. 

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3 |Furniture with clean lines, in cool neutrals like white and chocolatey brown fit with the long, flat lines of the modern home but at the end of the day offer a comfortable retreat without being too fussy. 

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6 |Clean white flooring, when coupled with the glut of sunlight, makes the space feel enormous from every angle. 

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11 |Low platform beds are an easy way to keep guest rooms simple and clean. 

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14 |The outdoor areas are welcoming, with seating and greenery, but not overly manicured. 

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24 |Sleek bathrooms in white tile and gray slate stay true to the home’s modern designs while still providing a relaxing atmosphere for the home’s occupants. 

25 |The home’s exterior is almost unassuming with its plain white walls and long, angular roof. But the expansive patio and outdoor dining area let outsiders know this is a welcoming home for friends and loved ones. 

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