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The design team at Studio Smadar has made it their mission to bring beautiful design to their clients. The villas featured here are at turns modern and rustic, cozy and sprawling, but each one is beautiful, unique and reflects both the talents of these designers and the personalities and tastes of their clients.

1 |The first home in the collection is this beautiful single level building with a sprawling outdoor space. 

2 |Stone paths lead through the house and out into the various gardens where modern landscaping creates a calming atmosphere all around. 

3 |

4 |Care was taken in creating a pool that would not detract from the overall style of the home with a perfectly tiled lining and infinity edge. 

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5 |Creatively designed lighting makes it easy to enjoy the outdoor space day or night. 

6 |Wide windows let in plenty of light during the day and make it look as though there is no end to the view. 

7 |Although the home only has one story, keeping with low furnishings from sofas to massive ottomans, everything seems taller and more spacious. 

8 |Curtains cover the windows for insulation in cooler weather or privacy at night. 

9 |A tall bookcase is a practical element that does not sacrifice when it comes to its modern design. 

10 |

11 |Large lamps offer much needed illumination in the reading area, but their oversized design is almost whimsical. 

12 |Anyone with a love for literature would swoon over this indoor reading room completely with cushy sofas and indoor hammock. 

13 |The next home features continues the team’s tradition of modern simplicity that still allows for a comfortable living environment. 

14 |The outdoor lighting in this home doesn’t stop with the lighting up the desk. It actually spreads upwards, giving a spotlight to the house itself. 

15 |

16 |With sofas lining every wall, there is no shortage of seating in this living area. 

17 |The modern furnishing, complete with a grand piano, is a nice throwback, moving away from the television-focused seating area so many homes now insist upon. 

18 |

19 |Of course, it is easy to keep the living area free of media when you have your own personal screening room where you can retreat. 

20 |The lucky family that lives here will never need to seek out a spa when their own personal bath, with soaking tub and separate waterfall shower, is its own luxurious retreat. 

21 |Bringing art and personal style is essential for any design team. This modern sculpture draws more attention here than it would in any gallery. 

22 |Not every home from Studio Smadar is the same sleek modern shape. 

23 |This Asian-inspired house shares a calming atmosphere with the other designs, but the actual elements are quite different. 

24 |The front of the home boasts a private driveway with plenty of parking for entertaining and palm trees that channel a tropical island. 

25 |The stone frame on this amazing spa makes it a far cry from a standard backyard hot tub in terms of its elegance. 

26 |

27 |Inside, the design team has made use of an interesting and welcoming palette of warm, dark hues. 

28 |The massive columns featured in this photo are one of the most interesting elements, making the house look almost like a movie set from the 1940′s. 

29 |The massively high ceilings and hanging lights give traditional Asian design elements a modern twist. 

30 |

31 |The designers have split up a large, empty room using furniture, with smaller conversation nooks making the space much more inviting. 

32 |The modern kitchen is so sleek it barely seems a part of the same house, but the light fixture over the kitchen table hints at the overall theme. 

33 |

34 |

35 |This next house combines some of the most impressive elements of the previous three with clean lines, plenty of white, and a spacious interior with high ceilings. 

36 |WHile low couches and sleek nest chairs are the ultimate in modern, the dangling light fixtures give the place its own Asian flair. 

37 |

38 |

39 |A shrine to Buddha along the outdoor garden path is a beautiful testament to the deepest held beliefs of the family who lives here. 

40 |By using elements like floor materials and a striking, freestanding fireplace to separate rooms, the house is allowed to be much more open. 

41 |A staircase that uses thin cables mimics the style of suspension bridge and bridges upstairs and down.

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