More Tasteful Modern Villas 2

42 |This next home takes the large sliding window theme and pulls it up into the second story as well. 

43 |The home’s entry is carefully landscaped with mosses and colorful, native plants. 

44 |

45 |

46 |Including a nicely manicured tree that resembles an overgrown bonsai. 

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47 |The living areas are also spacious with lots of attention paid to keep lines clean and simple. 

48 |Thought much of the furnishing choices are grey to beige, colorful light fixtures and art pieces add important splashes throughout the home. 

49 |Supple leather seating is plentiful while its simple design keeps the room uncluttered. 

50 |

51 |A dining table for twelve could be full every night in this beautiful home. 

52 |A fireplace built directly into a concrete wall is not only a feat of engineering, but makes a beautiful sight even when the fire is out. 

53 |

54 |Shelving is perfect for the display of small pieces, but tucked away enough so as not to be distracting. 

55 |

56 |A pool and detached outdoor shelter make for perfect summer relaxing or entertaining in this particular two story house. 

57 |

58 |A tucked away space for screening movies, watching television or even practicing the drums doesn’t interfere with the carefully curated main area of the house. 

59 |Managing to make horizontal blinds look stylish is no small task, but they have managed to do so in this sunny living room. 

60 |

61 |This bath takes a step away from the sunnier designs in the rest of the house and uses black walls and counters for a distinctly masculine feel. 

62 |

63 |Sunny, white, bright, playful, modern, and a little bit funky are all ways we could describe this particular house that has a youthful glow about it. 

64 |A wide kitchen island and attached dining table are incredibly welcoming. 

65 |Vaulted ceilings with two levels of windows gives sunlight galore. 

66 |

67 |The overall white color scheme screams modern and artistic, as do the creative touches like light fixtures and off-center bookshelves. 

68 |

69 |Even the bedrooms and en suite baths keep things white on white. 

70 |

71 |

72 |Finally, we have a few more goodies from the team’s portfolio, starting with this lovely built in bookshelf and cozy modern floor seating. 

73 |

74 |Bringing wicked furniture indoors is a challenge but it works in this sunny living room. 

75 |

76 |Another big dining room for families that love to entertain, this table features a creative serving area at one end where there is no seating. 

77 |

78 |It is always lovely when designers find a good way to include a television without giving it center stage in the design. 

79 |

80 |

81 |

82 |Who doesn’t long for a huge, deep tub to wash away the day? 

83 |

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