Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady Apartment

We have already featured the residences at One Madison on Home Designing since the massive 60-story luxury tower is where News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch recently put down more than $50 million for a penthouse apartment. But the list of the building's A-list tenants doesn't stop there. It doesn't get much more A-list than supermodel Gisele Bundchen and quarterback Tom Brady, who have a $14 million condo on the 47th floor.

1 |The 60-story building is located just across from Madison Square Park on East 22nd Street. The building features a private gym, butler-serviced dining room, commissioned artwork in the secure lobby, and amazing views of New York City. 

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2 |The power couple already has two homes in Connecticut and Los Angeles, but will now have a luxurious place to stay when they are in the city. 

3 |Hugely spacious for Manhattan, the open floorplan and massive windows make the condo seem even larger. 

4 |Windows on multiple sides of the main living area give spectacular views of the city. 

5 |While there is no telling what furniture Gisele and Tom might choose, these cozy chaises would be perfect for cuddling up and watching a New York sunset. 

6 |And a corner of the apartment reserved for a television could be just where Tom watches game footage. 

7 |An intimate dining area with funky light fixture would be a perfect setting for a quick meal for the young family. 

8 |A massive bed, large enough for both of the lanky stars features a canopy frame. 

9 |And a child’s room would be perfect for little Vivian. 

10 |It is literally the height of luxury to soak in a private tub 40 stories over Manhattan. 

11 |The views don’t stop, even in a second bath. 

12 |

13 |Take a look at this sample One Madison floor plan for an idea of how the other half live.

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