Spacious Modern Loft in Kiev Decorated

This modern Kiev loft spreads over 270 square meters of minimalist space dotted with eye-catching details. Slava Balbek and Sasha Ivasiv‘s collaborative efforts led to the creation of a contemporary apartment that offers escape from the bustle of city life. Within a spacious loft like this, architects imagined an open flow framed by decorations and framing views of the city’s icons via large windows. Located in a building overlooking one of the best views of the Dnieper River, the modern loft in Kiev was imagined as a collection of functional spaces.

The large living space includes a cooking space, dining area and working space, all bringing together the owners and their family and friends in a far from crowded atmosphere. Catching glimpses of the Mariinsky Park from the living room and the dome covering Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Kiev Monastery of the Caves) from the bedroom, you could find yourself drawn to living between the informal interiors and the cityscape. Natural materials and carefully chosen, uniquely manufactured decor, furniture and lighting mostly made in Ukraine make this modern loft in Kiev a stylish one. Private spaces are made up of two bedrooms with walk-in closets and a shared bathroom showcasing a fuel barrel sink and a molten countertop.

Can you find any other details you love in this modern loft in Kiev?

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