Beautiful Wood Flooring

Each of the rooms featured in this post include natural wood flooring from Dinesen along with carefully chosen design elements from modern seating to striking art pieces.

1 |This room manages to create separate spaces without walls by focusing the furniture in the center of the room for an intimate conversation space. 

2 |The unique cutaway fireplace in the modern home serves to accent its focus on clean lines. 

3 |When everything is white, rooms can seem so much more spacious and open. Now they just have to be sure to keep things clean! 

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4 |You can’t help but be drawn to the single yellow chair in this otherwise neutral room. The pop is effective and gives the dining room an extra shot of personality. 

5 |By creating walls and even a desk that match the wood flooring, inhabitants of this home might feel like they live inside a tree. 

6 |Another amazing fireplace is featured in this home, also serving as a unique separating wall between the dining area and the rest of the house. 

7 |

8 |A gorgeous peaked ceiling rounds into an awesome wooden wall and floor for an almost medieval feel. 

9 |It’s simple enough to put two chairs together on a rug, but simplicity does not negate its elegance. 

10 |Another fresh wood look that creates the ultimate conference and brainstorming space. 

11 |Lots of angles and creative accents give this room a youthful vigor. 

12 |Letting the wood floor creep up onto the wall makes this work area a little cozier. 

13 |Bench seating is always intimate and inviting. 

14 |The funky light fixtures give this formal dining room a little whimsy. 

15 |An oversized chess set along with a massive letter A indicate that this is a space for fun. 

16 |Nothing is so wonderful as waking up to a sunny room and crisp white sheets. 

17 |By creating contrast with light flooring and dark cabinetry, this space becomes a bit mysterious and a lot mod. 

18 |A lived-in home with plenty of seating for reading, chatting, or just enjoying the fire. 

19 |The artwork in this home is on display and easy to spot amid the black and white decor. 

20 |With wood floors, a fireplace, and light fixtures that are reminiscent of bird cages

21 |

22 |Tying the colors of the throw pillows into the artwork creates even more fun contrast in this white and grey room. 

23 |Massive windows and tons of natural textures give this rustic home a cozy feel. 

24 |This home proves you don’t need a lot of furniture to make an impression, as long as you choose the right pieces, like sturdy barstools and a leather egg chair. 

25 |The stack of firewood in this home becomes like a work of art the way it is displayed. 

26 |This cozy, sectional sofa is an inviting centerpiece in this space. 

27 |Cool dining chairs and an art book on display situate this home as a space for an aesthete. 

28 |

29 |Two Douglas fir flooring styles in two separate homes, each featuring hanging light fixtures and minimalist modern furnishings. 

30 |High ceilings and metal staircases give this modern home the feel of an urban loft. 

31 |By raising the kitchen island off the floor, the kitchen immediately opens up. 

32 |Wood flooring can also look perfect in retail spaces like this store. 

33 |

34 |Even office spaces here… 

35 |…and churches here can benefit from the natural beauty of a beautiful wood floor.

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