Colorful Modern Apartment Design Uses

This Warsaw apartment, with interior design from the team at Architecture and Interior Design firm Plasterlina, is beautiful and modern. The use of color and room separation makes the cozy space seem bigger than it is, with plenty of areas for relaxing, entertaining, and working.

1 |In this wide view, we see how the vibrant colors of the throw pillows and rug play off of the Moroccan-inspired mirror, giving the space a celebratory feel. 

2 |The sweeping views from the windows that cover one wall of the apartment let in plenty of light that bounces off the white ceiling for an opening effect. 

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3 |Here we get our first sense of the creative way the designers have divided the apartment up without building walls. 

4 |A small dining area and creative lighting design creates a perfectly cozy space for entertaining or daily meals. 

5 |Here we can see how the small kitchen area is hidden away behind sliding doors when not in use… 

6 |…and revealed only when it’s needed. 

7 |Although barely any space separates the living room from the dining area, the use of acolorful rug and some carefully placed floor seating does a wonderful job of making the areas feel very separate and distinct. 

8 |From this angle we can get a taste of the comfortable seating area available on the balcony as well. 

9 |Long lines, from the wooden room divider to the natural wood elements around the television give a sense of more space and more height. 

10 |The custom room divider creates separation, but the use of slats means that it doesn’t stop light from filtering through. 

11 |Mirrors are always a great choice in smaller spaces. 

12 |Hidden behind the beautiful built in cabinetry is a separate office area with shelving and a desk. Keeping it out of sight is a great way to avoid work stress while relaxing in the living room. 

13 |A wooden platform bed with a creative headboard makes for the perfect retreat. 

14 |Closets and storage are built seamlessly into one wall while dark curtains offer solace from too much sun. 

15 |More mirrors and bare Edison bulbs give the room a modern, masculine appeal. 

16 |Reflective black tiles and extremely sleek fixtures on the sink are enviable design elements. 

17 |A spacious shower and simple colors mean plenty of room, even if it’s not a lot. 

18 |

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