Simple Yet Modern Interiors from 2 B Group

When it comes to modern design ideas, it can be a struggle to find the balance between beautiful, calming minimalism and brilliant, colorful interiors that inspire creativity. The team at2 B Group has managed to find that balance in so many of their designs. Here, we will showcase a number of interiors that they have done, adding important details from the gorgeously subtle to the attention-grabbing.

1 |The first apartment is none too large at 350 square meters, but still packs plenty of colorfuldesign elements. 

2 |The living room has multiple funky focal points starting with a blue velvet sofa and a mishmash of prints on the rug. 

3 |The open dining area features some clean choices, like a plain white table and simple wooden dining chairs. 

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4 |But these are offset by funky artwork, like a bright green hand sculpture. 

5 |Choosing white in this room is perfect since it is able to reflect sun from the large windows and make the space seem more open. 

6 |The home also includes a creative child’s room as well, featuring elements from favorite films including Wall-E and Despicable Me. 

7 |The room has plenty of space for studying and playing. 

8 |As well as a perfect kid’s bed. 

9 |Wall decals add an element of fun that can easily be swapped out when the child outgrows his current tastes. 

10 |Finally, a super modern bath is a relaxing retreat after a long day. 

11 |

12 |The second apartment we are featuring is even smaller at only 190 square meters, but it never feels lacking. 

13 |The child’s room in this house has a unique lofted bed area as well as a sofa for recreation. 

14 |A study nook creates space for homework without taking up too much room. 

15 |An overhead view really lets us see how the designers utilize every square centimeter to great effect. 

16 |In the parents’ bedroom, the use of neutral colors creates a comfy, zen atmosphere. 

17 |While a custom shelving unit can hide the television at a moment’s notice for a good night’s sleep. 

18 |A luxury soaking tub and halo lighting around the mirror give the bath an ultramodern feel. 

19 |It also features a separate dressing area. 

20 |

21 |This third apartment we are featuring comes in at 200 square meters. 

22 |The modular sofa in the living room is awesome for entertaining since the pieces can be flipped, stacked, and moved around like a puzzle to find the perfect configuration on any given night. 

23 |The designers manage to make wood paneled walls modern again by mixing tones in the living area. 

24 |The addition of lime green accents feels just shy of kitschy and instead turns playful, particularly when pulled into the child’s room. 

25 |A custom bed and amazing animal cutouts adorning the walls make this kid’s room like something out of a parenting fairytale. 

26 |A cozy story are in the corner could easily become a study nook as the child grows up. 

27 |The spacious bathroom gives plenty of counterspace for him and her. 

28 |And has fixtures that work for the whole family. 

29 |

30 |

31 |The rest of the images in the post were hand selected for a cross section of 2 B Group’s most stunning designs, starting with this earthy living room. 

32 |Dark colors and minimal accessories keep the look from beeing too fussy or girly. 

33 |Sleek sofas in this room face an incredible stone accent wall while the textures of the fabric on the red chairs beg to be touched. 

34 |This simple bedroom would be a perfect retreat for guests. 

35 |Shelving isn’t always stylish, but when it’s built for your room, it is. 

36 |

37 |The unfinished wood in this window seat gives the room’s atmosphere an extra splash of bohemian. 

38 |City views are the focus of this bedroom with its awesome window. 

39 |

40 |This bedroom is funky but not crazy with lime green accents and an enviable walk in closet. 

41 |

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