4 Apartments That Flaunt Yellow Accents

When dealing with modern design, it is easy to fall victim to the tyranny of neutrals. A room all in white seems so clean and chic. But when designers are able to include a few splashes of marvelous bright color, that is when a room can really come alive. Take a look at the four apartments featured here from Yo Dezeen, AvA Studio, mg design uk, and AR Studio.

1 |Our first burst of yellow comes to us from the design team at Yo Dezeen. 

2 |In a home with largely classic architecture, adding an irregular yellow panel is shockingly modern . 

3 |The designers have also pulled the color in by painting this of-the-moment skull in the same shade, uniting the two sides of the room. 

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4 |Other major features in the apartment tend towards neutral, starting with this gray sectional that looks super comfortable. 

5 |The yellow panel sits off center from the television, making the visual much more interesting. 

6 |Without the yellow paneling, this image makes it easy to see how otherwise plain the room might feel. 

7 |Massive shelving units add a bit of practicality while the black entryway nearly disappears into the wall. 

8 |The molding in the walls acts as its own frame for the yellow skull. 

9 |In another marriage of classic and modern, this very vintage looking dining table pairs with ultra modern lucite chairs. 

10 |Here’s a perspective that completely eliminates the yellow, for a chilled out dining experience. 

11 |Trendy light fixtures finish our look at this apartment. 

12 |The second apartment we’ll look at comes from AvA Studio. 

13 |Rather than focusing on the walls, this team has brought this mustard yellow color in usingfurniture, starting with this awesome minimalist chair. 

14 |The yellow chair and throw play into the idea of gold on the wall without matching up exactly. 

15 |A cushy gray bedroom contrasts nicely with another mustard chair. 

16 |Here, yellow makes for a sunny morning every morning with this bright headboard and bed combination. 

17 |Our third Say Yes to Yellow apartment comes from the design tea at mg design uk. 

18 |It is interesting to note this apartment also uses yellow for upholstery and pillows, but also brings in a bit in the side table and wall art. 

19 |Despite the multiple appearances, we never feel overwhelmed by the bright color. 

20 |The varied textures, from the plush rug to the cushy sofa and the shiny coffee table make this home feel comfortable and welcoming. 

21 |And every detail, including these adorable bird sculptures, has been accounted for. 

22 |Finally, we come to a big modern space with designs from AR Studio. 

23 |The use of yellow here is quite subtle. The treatment of it makes it feel much more neutral that you might expect. 

24 |Mostly, we see simple gray and black. 

25 |Careful placement of yellow pillows draws the eye for just a moment. 

26 |And yellow dining chairs are perfect for welcoming guests. 

27 |The soft texture makes the mustard color pretty and inviting.

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