Gorgeously Minimal Kitchens with Perfect Organizat

There are many things about Italian culture that are attractive. From the leisurely lunches to the free flowing wine to a storied tradition of art and music. But perhaps what is most enviable about the Italian ethos is the dedication to cooking and food. These Italian kitchens, fromSCIC, updated for modern needs, put this on full display with plenty of counter space, welcoming seating areas, and beautiful spaces that make you yearn to start a meal from scratch.

1 |The first kitchen uses cool beige tones and recessed lighting to create a sense of calm. 

2 |This kitchen really brightens things up with open cabinets of sunny yellow for a distinctly modern vibe. 

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3 |The reddish orange accents in this kitchen, and the creative sunken dining table, give the kitchen a really retro feel. 

4 |Another neutral option lets the practical elements of the kitchen itself all but disappear, highlighting beautiful views and open windows. 

5 |For more counter space, this kitchen utilizes a huge natural wood island with its own sink. 

6 |The bright yellow where gives the kitchen a very youthful glow. 

7 |With a small breakfast area and plenty of cabinetry, this urban kitchen would be perfect for a couple. 

8 |A more modern option for kitchen islands, this one uses a bright white countertop and funkychairs. 

9 |Using the center island for the stovetop can give a home cook a lot more flexibility and openness when cooking. 

10 |This minimalist kitchen almost feels like an office with its efficient use of space. 

11 |This design includes a buffet for easy entertaining. 

12 |While a stove is certainly a necessity, tucking it away in a cabinet is a nice aesthetic while keeping it at waist height eliminates too much bending over. 

13 |Cabinets and counters disappear in this room, making the kitchen an easy gathering place. 

14 |Shocks of red bring life into this modern option. 

15 |Slate gray cabinetry matches built in shelving for a unified feel in this open floorplan. 

16 |A freestanding island with shapely legs is cool and unique. 

17 |This all-white kitchen would be a dream come true for clean freaks. 

18 |Awesome gold chandeliers create a decadent feel in this kitchen and dining area. 

19 |Reflective surfaces everywhere make this kitchen and dining area feel like you’re eating at a chef’s table. 

20 |And indeed, this kitchen has its own chef’s table by way of an expansive breakfast bar. 

21 |Lucite furniture and modern chandelier make this white kitchen uber chic. 

22 |Curved legs, chairs, and vases offer a feminine bent to this kitchen. 

23 |Outdoor cooking is the height of luxury and this home hibachi offers that feeling. 

24 |Simplicity does not negate luxury, as can be seen in this marble countertop kitchen.

25 |Finally, the cool modernism of black and white takes hold here.

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