Bright and Colorful Kids Room Designs

Designing a beautiful room for a child, or children, can be tricky. The best designers, as evidenced in these images from Archivizer, are able to combine the aesthetic preferences of stylish parents with the needs of a child who may have not even formed his own sense of style yet. These rooms are colorful, but never garish, with plenty of childlike whimsy to capture your imagination.

1 |The first room have uses a tree theme to create a really fun vibe. 

2 |The tree theme runs through the room, most notably in the large tree cut out and the tree print carpet. 

3 |A pale yellow wall and wardrobe lends color without being dizzying. 

4 |A whimsical tree decal, complete with cartoon rain clouds, adds a few more colors and a lot of personality. 

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5 |

6 |This next room is a little more subdued, but still features plenty of vibrant colors. 

7 |Striped walls and cubby beds make for a perfect retreat for busy kids. 

8 |And separate seating and study areas even make sharing a room not so bad. 

9 |This spacious kids area has more than just beds, tarting with a large play and study area for smaller kids. 

10 |Chalkboard walls at kid height inspire all kinds of creativity. 

11 |And a climbing area offers a place to get some of that energy out. 

12 |When it comes time to rest, kids can retreat to the bedroom area, which features colorful bunk beds. 

13 |Overnight guests can comfortably crash on this electric pink futon. 

14 |Though this girls room has more subdued colors, its just as stylish and fun. 

15 |A pretty brand pattern on the walls is welcoming but not too bright. 

16 |The small study area can easily grow with the girl who lives here. 

17 |This study room doesn’t try to wedge in any beds, instead creating a comfortable sanctuary for school work or socializing. 

18 |Matching sofas and desks are perfect for sisters while a vanity will surely come in handy for teens. 

19 |What this room lacks in square footage it makes up for in whimsy. 

20 |Playful triangle patterns on the wallpaper are reminiscent of flags dancing on the wind. 

21 |This cozy yellow desk chair and cubby holes can make any homework appealing. 

22 |Of course, not all kids have taste that veers towards the silly, as this ultra modern kids room clearly shows us. 

23 |With subdued tree pattern walls and a tribal-inspired rug, the eclectic design is fun but grown up. 

24 |For a wild take on a boys room, check out this space with bean bag chairs and Transformer wall art. 

25 |The blue wallpaper in this girls room makes it a big dark, so white furnishings and pink and purple accents brighten things up. 

26 |What little girl wouldn’t want a personalized bed? 

27 |A simply stylish rocking chair is perfect for bedtime stories. 

28 |Keep colored pencils readily available with this adorable pencil holder. 

29 |An attic is an awesome retreat with a chalkboard wall and chevron stripe rug. 

30 |An awesome map wall is decorative and educational. 

31 |Citrusy colors make this study room welcoming for any age group. 

32 |While plenty of shelving means you’ll never be without the book you need. 

33 |A turquoise ceiling is the perfect way to add color without enclosing the space. 

34 |Dark wood floors are beautiful, but you need a throw rug to keep kids (and the floor) safe. 

35 |In this play space, you find cozy chairs, and even an indoor jungle gym. 

36 |The button pattern rug is just precious enough. 

37 |Whimsical paintings and faux balloons make it feel like a party room all year long. 

38 |This room proves that you don’t need a lot of wild colors to be kid-friendly. 

39 |Slatted cabinetry is country chic. 

40 |A beautiful paint job on the ceiling brings a bit of the night sky indoors in this nursery. 

41 |A little couch and tiny table mean kids and parents will feel comfy. 

42 |Finally, this princess-inspired room with its frilly curtains and chandelier is the stuff little girls dream of.

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