Stark, Sharp & Minimalistic Interiors

The team at Oporski Architektura is dedicated to the serenity of minimalist design. In the three interiors presented here, we will see the many ways in which the designers are able to play with just a few simple colors and use creative lines and shapes to make each home, and each room in the home, feel different and unique.

1 |The first home is a spacious place in Warsaw with plenty of sunlight. 

2 |Large custom sofas sit on slightly raised platforms and offer plenty of comfortable seating. 

3 |The use of whites and neutrals really open up the main room. 

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4 |A side table doubles as hidden storage. 

5 |The neutral theme carries over into the simple kitchen. 

6 |Simple padded blocks can be seats or footstools, or stacked out of the way when extra space is necessary. 

7 |A simple workspace can be inspirational for a creative mind. 

8 |Minimalist details like the wall clock make this design unique. 

9 |A built-in table is useful and beautiful. 

10 |It does not get much more simple that a raised cushion for a bed. 

11 |The texture of the platform also stands in beautiful contrast with the smooth charcoal closet doors. 

12 |For a pop of personality, this room has a Freddie Mercury themed mural. 

13 |Lighting recessed in the floor is modern and subtle. 

14 |Mirrored bathroom walls make a small space seem huge. 

15 |The white sink here is bold and and interesting. 

16 |Built in shelving stays modern but adds practicality. 

17 |Another view of the sunny work area. 

18 |A frosted glass room divider keeps light flowing while offering privacy. 

19 |A second bathroom has light glowing from under the cabinetry for a warm, easy glow. 

20 |

21 |The second design is from a house in Szczecin but features equally beautiful designs. 

22 |Floating sofas give the illusion of extra square footage. 

23 |Here, a white reading light blends seamlessly into the wall. 

24 |Even the bed sits on a floating platform. 

25 |The frosted glass here separates rooms and can easily slide open. 

26 |Bedrooms can be spares and small where there is this much design at work. 

27 |The angles on these chairs make you forget they are all white. 

28 |In a small kitchen, every shred of surface counts. 

29 |The floor plan here lets the kitchen open into a main sitting area. 

30 |Another modern bath – this one featuring bold strokes of masculine marble. 

31 |The simplicity of the sink is striking. 

32 |The third house we’ll look at is in Mokotow. 

33 |These deep gray sofas could easily double as sleeping surfaces. 

34 |Cool open backed chairs create a focal point for the dining area. 

35 |The table also separates the kitchen from the living room. 

36 |A glass separation sections of a part of the space for a hallway. 

37 |A simple white bedroom is incredibly serene. 

38 |With a narrow desk, this room can serve many purposes. 

39 |Another, separate work area has room for photo shoots as well as editing. 

40 |While a simple black bath with space saving shower ends the tour.

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