Contemporary Villa With Splashing Colors and Court

Interiors with a monochromatic slant certainly have their place in contemporary design. But the bold use of bright colors in this beautiful villa in La Baule, in the South Brittany region of France, makes an argument for fewer grays. Take a look inside this home in these photos from Steven Baconnais and you’ll see what we mean.

1 |Immediately, this sunken living room creates an amazing lounging area with plenty of brightly color cushions. 

2 |A central chartreuse coffee table is just a bit whimsical. 

3 |The use of colorful pillows breaks up the otherwise monotonous fade from dark gray walls to gray sofa to dark tiled floor. 

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4 |We can also begin to see the African influence in this home with the traditional masks on the walls of this seating nook. 

5 |The playful central light fixture disperses flattering rays and whimsy once the sun goes down. 

6 |It would be so easy to nestle into one of these cozy corners for a chat or a nap. 

7 |The home itself it also beautiful with wide sliding doors opening out onto a shaded patio. 

8 |Outside, bright red molded chairs stand out for sitting. 

9 |

10 |The chairs are even designed with a clever built-in table, the perfect size for a coffee and croissant. 

11 |In the bedrooms, the African style becomes even more prominent. 

12 |Here a unique zebra print wall treatment is bold but not dizzying. 

13 |This organize lacquered mask may not be entirely authentic but it adds a special personality to the room. 

14 |In a smaller bedroom, we continue to see African influence, here in a patchy duvet. 

15 |This room has its own private entrance to the courtyard as well. 

16 |In the dining area, cool modern style dominates starting with a white and chrome table with lucite-accented chairs. 

17 |A red floor lamp reminds us that in this home, we’re never too far from color. 

18 |A breakfast bar makes good use of a fairly small kitchen area. 

19 |Stainless steel backsplash is wildly contemporary. 

20 |And bright burgundy accent wall makes this French kitchen feel more than welcoming. 

21 |Greenhouse windows make for a very pleasant morning, even if you’re doing dishes. 

22 |That beautiful burgundy also carries over in this upstairs study. 

23 |A cool accessory over the door frame harkens to someplace exotic but doesn’t require any real construction. 

24 |Cute decorative lanterns flank a narrow, but modern desk. 

25 |This upstairs room would be the perfect place to sit with a great book and a mug of something warm. 

26 |In the bath, a warm mustardy yellow is cheerful yet modern. 

27 |Little elements like a small hamper and hidden elephant sculpture ensure that African themes pulls through. 

28 |Finally, an upstairs deck is gorgeously comfortable for entertaining. 

29 |A vintage rocking chair meshes with newer furniture and even a surprisingly large cactus. 

30 |An outdoor bar area will surely attract the neighbors. 

31 |Gauzy curtains let you feign privacy for outdoor dinner parties. 

32 |

33 |

34 |Another outdoor area is shaded by a clever collapsible umbrella. 

35 |

36 |

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