The Magic of Wood and Light

Just as the construction of any building starts with a strong foundation, the design of any beautiful space starts with its materials. Sure, cheaper products can be slathered in paint or covered up with patterned paper, but spending a little more to get beautiful, natural wood can be well worth it in the end. This apartment, with photos from Hey!Cheese, embraces the beautiful grain, variations, and sheen of wood throughout the space, for a gorgeous, simple design that is truly timeless.

1 |As soon as you walk in, you’re immediately met with wood everywhere you turn. 

2 |A flat panel television is mounted into a wood paneled wall, suspended above a floating wooden entertainment center. 

3 |

4 |The different woods around the home don’t match so well that you feel like you’re in some kind of wooden cage. Rather, the different grains and slight variations in color make the room feel warm and clean. 

5 |

6 |The subtle patterns throughout the wood designs, like the cool door in this image, keep things a lot more interesting and contemporary. 

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7 |While the designer did not go so far as to create a wooden sofa, the neutral brown color still blends with the rest of the decor. 

8 |Where we don’t see wood, we find a lot of white, helping to reflect sunlight and keep the whole atmosphere light and breezy. 

9 |The funky white light fixtures are especially interesting and might make you feel like you need to, dare we say, whip it. 

10 |Whip it, good. 

11 |We love the look of art gently leaning against a surface. It’s a little less stuffy than wall hanging, plus it makes it easy to switch out pieces when the mood strikes. 

12 |Bringing a kids room into such simplicity can be a bit of a challenge, but the bright colors actually play nicely against the wood surfaces. 

13 |At night, the lighting from above reflects off the nearly-white wood floors. 

14 |This cool custom room divider marries the look of light wood and white. It keeps the kitchen separate from the dining and living rooms, but doesn’t close anything off. 

15 |

16 |A reflective backsplash makes the narrow kitchen seem bigger and super modern. 

17 |

18 |Brightly colored kids toys and books are easy to tuck away in sophisticated cabinetry. 

19 |The bedroom is simple and functional. 

20 |It includes sleek modern blinds and an inspiring workspace. 

21 |More built in storage reduces clutter. 

22 |And even offers space for a study partner.

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