Beach Color Home Accents

Here we are featuring two apartment designs that each provoke a cheerful emotion from their color palettes. Although the two are predominantly white canvases with wood tone thrown in, each also incorporates a beach color to add warmth and joy to the look. You will also find a sandy color story running alongside the brighter hues, so put on your flip-flops ready for some seaside inspired style.

1 |From scatter cushions to wall art, the vibrant blue shade breathes sea air into each space. 

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3 |Architect: DA ArchitectureOur first home design, by DA Architecture, uses a bright azure just like the clear ocean of a sun bleached tropical beach. The accent color has been scattered around sparingly, along with neighboring sand colored accents, so that the apartment remains light and bright. 

4 |The modern artwork incorporates a subtle horizon design reminiscent of a beachside view. 

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5 |A couple of mesh backed chairs share a little nod to fishing nets. 

6 |A stone countertop over on the breakfast bar brings a hint of pebble to the design. 

7 |Even some of the black and white photography in the bedroom harbors a maritime feel. 

8 |But despite there being so many hints at the seaside, the home design never becomes a themed home with faux lifebelts as wall hangings or sail boats as ornaments. 


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9 |

10 |This apartment, designed by Alexander and Diana Dzivnel Tarakanova, is plenty of sandy hues with a good dose of sunshine yellow thrown in. 

11 |The lounge furniture forms a circle around the fireplace, almost like perching logs around a beach bonfire. 

12 |The large area rug creates a pebble pattern underfoot. 

13 |The table centerpiece in the lounge is suspended at an angle, as though bobbing like a castaways message in a bottle. 

14 |

15 |A mirrored backsplash bounces extra light around the sunny home. 

16 |This modern light is made up from multiple splash shaped tiers. 

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